Mystic Flutter Charm Bracelet: Elegance in Motion


Adorn your wrist with the Mystic Flutter Charm Bracelet—a delicate dance of elegance and whimsy. Featuring a graceful black butterfly and a circular mirror-like pearl with a cream-colored butterfly, this bracelet invites you into a realm of charm and mystique. Each detail tells a story, making it a versatile accessory for both casual and formal occasions. Elevate your style with the enchanting allure of this timeless bracelet.

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Explore the enchanting world of the Mystic Flutter Charm Bracelet. Unfold the significance of a bracelet adorned with a black butterfly and a circular mirror-like pearl embellished with a delicate cream-colored butterfly. Beyond mere adornment, this bracelet becomes a wearable story of whimsy and charm.

“Step into a realm of whimsical elegance. The Mystic Flutter Charm Bracelet is a delicate dance of black and cream butterflies, weaving a story of charm and mystique around your wrist.”

“Mystic Flutter Charm Bracelet: Elegance in Motion”

Introducing the Mystic Flutter Charm Bracelet—a graceful dance of whimsy and charm delicately crafted for those who seek to embody elegance in every detail.

Key Features

  1. Black Butterfly Accent: Adorning the bracelet is a charming black butterfly, symbolizing transformation and beauty in the delicate intricacies of nature.
  2. Circular Mirror-Like Pearl with Cream Butterfly: A circular mirror-like pearl graces the bracelet, featuring a petite cream-colored butterfly—a subtle touch of grace and charm.

Whimsy in Detail

Highlight how the bracelet goes beyond traditional jewelry, telling a story of whimsy through the intricate details of the black and cream butterflies.

Versatile Wearability

Emphasize the versatility of this bracelet, designed to complement both casual and formal attire, adding a touch of mystique to any ensemble.

Weight .150 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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