Radiant Flutter Rose Gold Bifurcated Ring


Dive into enchantment with our ‘Radiant Flutter’ Rose Gold Bifurcated Ring. One partition features a delicate butterfly adorned with small diamonds, while the other boasts a circle of diamonds in perfect harmony. Crafted in lustrous rose gold, this ring symbolizes growth, unity, and timeless elegance—a captivating addition to any occasion.

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Indulge in the enchanting allure of our “Radiant Flutter Rose Gold Bifurcated Ring,” a dazzling symphony of design and elegance. This exquisite piece transcends traditional jewelry, featuring two distinct partitions that tell a captivating story of beauty and grace.

Crafted in lustrous rose gold, the ring radiates warmth and sophistication. Each partition seamlessly complements the other, creating a harmonious balance between nature-inspired design and classic elegance.

“A dance of diamonds and butterflies, symbolizing transformation, unity, and timeless beauty.”

Key Features:

  1. Butterfly Grace: A partition adorned with a butterfly, its wings sparkling with small diamonds, symbolizing growth and transformation.
  2. Circular Harmony: The other partition boasts a circle of diamonds arranged in perfect harmony, signifying eternal unity and unending love.
  3. Rose Gold Radiance: Crafted in lustrous rose gold, the ring exudes warmth and sophistication, enhancing its timeless appeal.
  4. Versatile Elegance: Perfect for both casual and formal occasions, this ring effortlessly elevates your style with its unique and meaningful design.

Wear the “Radiant Flutter Rose Gold Bifurcated Ring” as an emblem of your individuality and the profound connections that shape your journey. Let its intricate details and symbolic elements be a conversation starter, inviting others to appreciate the profound beauty captured within this exceptional piece.

Weight .150 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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