Triple Charm Celestial Harmony Pendant: Embrace Cosmic Elegance


Experience the enchantment of our Rose Gold Triple Charm Pendant. Stars, the protective evil eye, and a square rod converge in a harmonious dance, creating a celestial masterpiece. Elevate your style with this symbolic accessory, blending cosmic radiance and spiritual protection in a singular, captivating design.

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Discover the celestial allure of the Rose Gold Triple Charm Pendant, where three distinct rows converge to symbolize cosmic balance and protective energies. unveil the significance and unique charm encapsulated in this celestial piece.

“In the dance of stars, the watchful eye, and the silent strength, the Rose Gold Triple Charm Pendant weaves a story of cosmic elegance and spiritual protection.”

“Celestial Harmony: Rose Gold Triple Charm Pendant”

Step into the mystical realm of celestial elegance with the Rose Gold Triple Charm Pendant. This enchanting piece features three rows, each telling a unique story of cosmic beauty and spiritual significance.

Key Features

  1. Starlit Radiance: The first row is adorned with delicate stars, capturing the brilliance of the night sky and infusing the pendant with celestial energy.
  2. Evil Eye Protection: The second row incorporates the powerful symbolism of the evil eye protector, a timeless talisman believed to ward off negativity and bring good fortune.
  3. Rod of Strength: The third row introduces a small square rod, representing stability and resilience—a subtle yet impactful addition to this harmonious composition.
Weight .150 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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